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Roof with a view. Contemplative Fugurative Art from The Spa Collection.  Peace is so simple 50168: Contemplative Figurative Art from The Spa Collection.

2D Art Work (Pictures)

3D Body Cast (Sculptures)

There are times where function rules, where necessity
dictates the layout and form of the working environment.

However, even where function delivers the design, the
companies that are taking the lead, are those that have
taken the time to enhance the environment around them,
- to add visual elements that will:-


  Encourage Calm

  Provoke Thought

  Provoke Discussion
As many fine venues are already aware, the use of carefully selected art can
greatly enhance the ambience of reception & circulation areas, treatment
rooms and related facilities and spaces.

Spend a few moments now, exploring this site to enable you to see the
spectacular and stunning range of:-

  Two dimensional figurative (Female) - {2D} pictures / canvases

  Three dimensional (Male & Female)  - {3D} body sculptures
              taken directly in fine detail from our models.

They are designed and created to amplify the essence of even the most
carefully designed Spa, Salon, Treatment room or prestigious Hotel/Club.     
A finely detailed Half Body Form delivering beauty, grace and demure charm in a smooth, detailed Gypsum finish.